The Plot Thickens…

So remember that deer embossed leather book?  So I go into the appropriate building and give the nice lady at the information desk the appropriate phrase.  She says “Nobody has said that in a very long time!  Wait here!” She made a call and then hung up the phone.  “It turns out that it’s been moved upstairs so just hang out for a little bit and it’ll be down as soon as someone is free.”  And, after a while, this book is what came down.

You see, these caches are part of a series of mystery caches that lead to an end point.  But there are two routes to it.  One route leads to and through the deer book and the other leads to and through the bear book.  They’re competing paths racing to the same end point, one protecting it, the other seeking to capture it.  And neither path has been followed for over a year and a half because the redirectors to both books have been removed by time, fate, and construction.  Awesome!  

Further sidenote: while I was hanging around waiting for this book, I believe I found the key to the first puzzle in the deer book!  Updates without spoilers will be forthcoming!  This game is most definitely afoot!

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