Or some kind of crap like that?

I haven’t looked at a lot of cities in a caching capacity (well, OK, I’ve looked at London and Istanbul because a man can dream, right?) but in Austin I’ve noticed that there are some areas that are really devoid of caches of any kind.  West Austin (a traditionally wealthy area) and the surrounding neighborhoods are incredibly sparse.  East Austin (the traditionally poor, black and hispanic area) contains giant multi-square mile holes.  Well, I’m hoping to rectify that in the very near future.

I’m hoping to drop a bunch of caches (4 or 5) over the next two weeks around East Austin.  There’s several parks and even a good sized greenbelt that are untouched (Well, the greenbelt has one) but the real aim is to make a multicache that will drag people all around the East side.  Oddly enough, there aren’t all that many multis in Austin to begin with.  While there has been an upswing in multis in the last year, most of them seem to have been placed by the same long time area cacher.  So I want to add one of my own.  Of course, there are two minor stumbling blocks: A) I’ve never done a multi before and B) I need special places to place the beginning and end.  Once I find the appropriate spots and with a little bit of luck, the multi can be placed by Christmas.  I plan on making it a relatively easy so that noobie cachers will be attracted to it.  A lot of unknown and multi-caches tend to be pretty highly rated and I think that drives away newer cachers (there’s a different local cache placer who specializes in puzzles and I don’t even consider trying them because they’re really hard, obscure, or both).  That said, a seven leg multi will be an adventure, I hope.  That said, if anybody reading this has experience with multis, don’t hesitate to make suggestions or offer ideas.  I’ll accept advice anytime…

And, because you have sat through this relatively boring stuff, a gift/non-sequitur:

I found a cache today near this giant metal chicken.  How’s that?

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