499. Sublette, Haskell County (KS021)

The dream of the 70’s? It’s alive in Sublette. Well, at least it’s alive at the courthouse. I guess it’s possible that it’s late 60’s but I’m not betting on it. It’s a little sad when I see this big old open courtyard with so few monuments (alright, it has one, possibly two, which is at least something when some don’t even have any), but at the same time that open space doesn’t have the communal feel of a courthouse square. This is a building of business and little else. Important, but a little sad.

I ended up spending about 10 minutes on the most popular cache in the county, but let it go. Part of it was that, clever as it must have been, I couldn’t figure it out quickly and I don’t usually care about challenge on the road. Time is a commodity on the road, after all. Part of it was that it was a weekday morning and the cache is at the edge of a school’s grounds, near the school bus garage. I already had to wait a while for the buses to drive off. I wasn’t interested in putting in more time with muggles nearby. I already have “Don’t fiddle with a church on Sunday” as a standing rule. I should probably add “Don’t fiddle with a school on a weekday” as well. I’d actually prefer not to fiddle with schools at all. There are a lot of places where you can almost get away with murder even with muggles around. A school is not one of those places and rightly so. I aborted that mission and went back to the edge of town. At a “Welcome to <insert town here>” sign, I found a keybox, attached to a miniature iron representation of the school’s mascot. Ironic? Sure. That’s as good a word as any. At least I was close to the highway when I was done. Rubber met road as I drove the next leg of the journey to…

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