498. Hugoton, Stevens County (KS020)

Alright, it’s officially time for me to invest in a research department or something. I have no earthly idea what kind of courthouse this is. Is this some kind of art deco thing? It doesn’t seem like it’s WPA but maybe it could be? Heck, this could be from the 50’s for all I know! It’s a handsome looking courthouse and all, but I have no earthly idea what’s going on here from an architectural standpoint. Stuff like this is making me think that maybe it’s time to invest in that copy of Architecture For Dummies (or, more likely, borrow one from one of Austin‘s many wonderful libraries). Or I could find an architect who specializes in such buildings with whom I can consult on such matters? And, with that in mind, I’m guessing library it is!

There were two caches close to the courthouse, so I opted for the easier one. When I’m out on the road, I really don’t care about the challenge. It turned out to be a flashlight in a hole in the wall of a brick building. I’ve seen a flashlight used before as a cache, but I didn’t know that flashlight caches were specifically a thing. They’re not a thing in Texas, so I’ve only recently begun to run into them. That being said, this is one where I don’t feel I am taking on new bad karma in describing it to you. Everything I just told you (or wrote to you, as the case may be) was spelled out in the description of all places. This stuff wasn’t even in the hint. Usually, I have no qualms about looking at the hint, but in this case what more could the hint have told me that I didn’t already know? The log signed and the cache returned, I got moving again. The next time I did this the sun would be rising. I headed east, prepared to meet the morning in…

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