497. Elkhart, Morton County (KS019)

I want to not be critical of this courthouse. I did just finish a state. I should be happy and festive and in a(n architecturally) forgiving mood. Unfortunately, I’m not, not only because it’s a crazy hour of the morning, but also because this place looks like a library. Of course, that feeling is helped by the fact that there is a drop box out front for books? This would most certainly not be the first combination courthouse/library I’ve ever seen.

On closer inspection, though, it turned out to be a drop box for ballots. It’s almost like offering voters options for casting ballots is important in a functioning democracy or something like that?

My search for a cache led me to the Morton County Historical Society Museum. I was quickly able to ascertain that the cache, (supposedly) being magnetic, was attached to an ancient piece of rusting artillery. I’ve got to be honest with you: I wasn’t in any mood to search a giant hunk of big iron for something stuck to a magnet. I just wasn’t. I gave it the most cursory glance for a moment and began to go down the road for another attempt until I noticed that there was a little hatch on the towing arm and saw a little glimmer of light through the crack. I popped it open and found contained there in a magnetic key box with its magnet broken off inside a plastic bag. Not the most impressive cache ever, but I signed that log because, as I’ve said so many times before, a cache is a cache is a cache. With that, I was done here. I got back on the road and listened to podcasts until I came to a stop in…

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