496. Boise City, Cimarron County (OK77)

I’m happy with this courthouse, especially because there’s enough ambient light to get a decent shot, and because this is a nice one to come to a conclusion with. The town center does seem a little more rundown than I would think it would, but then again (if you don’t mind me stealing from Tolstoy) every broken town is broken in it’s own way. And yes, it’s really about families, but what is a town if not a collection of communities? And a community if not a collection of families?

So, I went to the closest cache to town, but it turned out to be in a cemetery and the description didn’t mention it. I probably should have figured it out from the title, but it wasn’t obvious and I wasn’t going to fiddle with a cemetery at 3 o’clock in the morning. That’s a negative, Ghost Rider. I found another one in a nearby community on the way to my next destination. At the foot of a sign pole was a little Christmas themed mailbox. I pulled out a trackable and put one in and then signed the log. BOOM goes the proverbial dynamite! Oklahoma was officially done! I would have let out a little war whoop, but I was across the street from a residence in the middle of the night so I opted not to make any unreasonable noise at that hour of the morning. And with this, I had completed all the counties, completing the first goal of this trip. Well, actually, there’s another shadow goal of this trip, but that’s not important right this moment. What was important was that one goal was done and I was on the way to…

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