495. Guymon, Texas County (OK76)

For the second time this trip I got the nice little message welcoming me back to Oklahoma. The drive here was actually quite strange. With the roads slick because of rain and mud and the lane and anti-slide assists on, I could feel the car sometimes move itself of its own volition and I wasn’t always sure which one of those was causing it. An odd feeling indeed to not know if you’re sliding or being kept from sliding… Unfortunately, the courthouse wasn’t illuminated to the standards I had come to expect of Oklahoma. Those two lights right there pretty much killed any detail in the photograph. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any other facings I could photograph because the only other good one was covered by trees. As always, I took what I could get and then prepared myself to find a cache.

The cache was a magnetic keybox in a little pocket park dedicated to a former civil servant. It was funny because one of the most recent signatures was from a local (to me) cacher who I assume went up to Mingo Madness. This was also ironic because the person who previously completed the earth cache back in Liberal was also a from the Austin area. Small world and getting smaller every day. But even more important than that was the realization that there was only one county left. I did what needed to be done here and made all haste to…

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