494. Liberal, Seward County (KS018)

Interesting courthouse I guess… I don’t even know what era this thing is from. Could it be the 60’s? Possibly early 70’s? Who knows? Maybe I’ll get the research department on it. I guess I should probably get a research department first. Even a research intern would be useful…

What I do know is they seem to love the military, as evidenced by the two war memorials and the kneeling soldier cut-out. I’ve seen much smaller towns with much bigger displays, though. Maybe it’s a wealth thing, but I don’t know that, either. As always, my favorite part of the memorials is where nobody from the county died in Desert Storm. I’ll take that as a win.

I decided to do something a little different this time. Since Kansas doesn’t have any limitations on cache type, and I, as usual, chose to get the closest, easiest cache, I ended up doing an earthcache! I took some time to learn about petrified wood there at the Liberal Library. After making guesses and calculations regarding its size, answers were submitted and then I claimed it. Voila! Quick, easy, painless. And with that I could return to Oklahoma to grab a cache in…

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