493. Meade, Meade County (KS017)

Ladies and gents, welcome back to the Land of Corn and Stuff! As it so often seems to be, I was back there in the middle of the night doing the things we are drawn to do. At least they were kind enough to illuminate this one so that’s nice.

Slightly odd monument thing, but they have two different monuments made with the same type of date stone from the old courthouse? That’s weird and a little unimaginative if you ask me. Then again, I guess county history is not exactly the place to be creative. I find a little irony in that since I’m in Napoleon’s camp that history is a set of lies agreed upon, but that’s for another discussion.

Meade County is cache poor. With none in town, I had to go to the nearby town of Plains to grab one. In fact, their welcome sign gave me a suitably acceptable nano, hidden not at all difficultly on the back. The real problem turned out a little later when I left. Or rather tried to leave. With the rain I’d been getting in patches since I got to the Panhandles, the dirt road’s roadside turned out to be more of a muddy gully, just muddy enough for me to get the car stuck for a while. Luckily, I was able to get myself out with a little bit of pushing and then a little bit of low gear off-roading, which isn’t as fun when you’re not in an off-road vehicle. Even more luckily is that I managed to get out before a downpour hit. I never would have gotten out of that and it managed to wash a lot of the accumulated mud away in time for me to arrive in…

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