492. Beaver, Beaver County (OK75)

It took me about 550 miles of driving to get here. I passed a lot of old friends on the way…

…but now wasn’t the time to visit and catch up so I just snapped some photos while I was driving. The occasional burst of rain didn’t help, especially the one with the pea sized hail dropping all over me. In the greater scheme of things, though, none of that mattered. I had a mission to complete. There were only three counties left in Oklahoma and then I could call it DONE. Fortunately, I got a cute voice welcoming me to Oklahoma. Unfortunately, Beaver County is cache poor. The closest cache was about 6 miles out of town. Lucky for me it was on the way to my next stop…

A little roadside historical stop on the side of the road gave me what I needed. Next to it was a steel pole and contained therein was a pill bottle on a wire. With lightning coursing through the clouds, I had pyrotechnics as I did my duty and then got back to moving. Mother Nature’s light show followed me off the roadside and into the night, to my next courthouse in…

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