131. Dalhart, Dallam County

At this point, I had reached the farthest extent of my journey. I was in the most northwest county in Texas. Everything from this point on would inch me (or mile me as the case may be) closer to home. I would also take this opportunity to mention that I found this courthouse to be especially handsome. That bust there also caught my eye.

This guy was a Flying Tiger from Dalhart. That’s interesting in and of itself. The really interesting bit, though, is that this memorial was donated by China in his memory. I know I have not thus far seen a county memorial donated by another country. Definitely a new one on me and, therefore, noteworthy.

Welcome to the Dalhart Fire Department. Why would I bother with something so seemingly random? When was the last time you saw a fire extinguisher with a latch on the side of it? Never? I wonder why that might be there? Maybe…could it possibly be…a cache? You might be right! In fact, you’re right on the money! The Fire Department was nice enough to take a used extinguisher (used in an actual fire, no less) and make a cache of it for our edification. I wish my daughters were here because they would have totally dug it. I gave it one of my oft hoarded favorites. I also started wondering where I might acquire a spent extinguisher myself, but that’s a question for another day. I took care of the business at hand and then got back on the road. This time I headed south least I find myself back in New Mexico. I would soon enough be going east again, but for now I raced towards the equator, finding myself entering…

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