130. Stratford, Sherman County

Sherman County is named after Sidney Sherman, a New Yorker who, while living in Cincinnati, heard of the struggle for Texas Independence from Mexico, recruited a unit of 50 men, and fought for the Texan cause, serving at the Battle of San Jacinto. Sherman County was named for him, as was Sherman, the county seat of Grayson County (which I have not visited yet). While I do not have a term for this, I should come up with a term for county seats that are not the seat of the county that shares the same name. Perhaps I have mentioned this before, but Austin is not the seat of Austin County, nor is Pecos of Pecos, Cameron of Cameron, Colorado City of Colorado or several others. Fear not, though. Parity has been achieved by many others.

My homeboy failed me this time. His far reaching arrow had landed at a local museum with a railroad car and a cache, but I was not able to find the cache, unfortunately (it has since been found by another). So I dipped a little out of town for this one. You don’t find these old granite block ones away from courthouses that often, but this one was placed to mark the original county seat that was eventually abandoned in favor of Stratford. I parked, I grabbed, I sped off again, heading west again until I reached…

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