38. Coleman, Coleman County

Yes, THAT Coleman.  The town that failed to kill me and succeeded in killing my car.  I made it and I said I would not be stopped!

This was one of those rare moments when I got the cache before hitting the courthouse.  I pulled into this parking lot to get directions and check for caches.  Lo and behold, there was one right there to grab.  So I did, but my connectivity was still a bit crappy (though better than it had been) so I couldn’t pull up the courthouse on the map.  It was a few blocks down so no big deal.  I was going to walk, but, since I’d have to shoot off pretty quickly, I decided to just drive the few blocks.

The usual things were there with no Confederate stuff floating around that I saw.  For some reason I didn’t walk around the back.  That said, I felt that familiar pressing in my stomach that told me I needed a bathroom (this is funny because, thanks to strong hydration the day before, I took a whiz in nine of ten counties I visited).  Where better than the courthouse for it?  I slipped inside and noticed that pretty much every county function (clerk, records, sheriff, probation, et al.) was stuffed in there.  I even got a nice bonus photo.

If you ever receive justice here, this is where you’ll get it.  I went to the bathroom and checked out other local caches.  I was a little surprised at how many there were, but the real prize would have been the cemetery with nine caches in it.  I may have to hit that on the way somewhere else, possibly Abilene?  But the clock was ticking.  My route was five hours of driving (not counting driving to the start point or from the end point to Austin) and I had allowed myself half an hour in each town.  It was 11:30 already so I needed to get on the road and get headed to…

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