94. Pecos, Reeves County

Another courthouse, another walk about. I slipped inside and visited the facilities and thought about what I was going to do here. As you can see, the Confederate role in county naming was amply mentioned. A few other small monuments of military memory were around, too but there was work to do and the courthouse didn’t stand out to me enough to keep my attention long.

It took a couple of wrong turns and a digression into some weird light industrial refuse before I managed to make my way here. The most interesting thing about it was that it was the original resting place of the gunfighter Clay Allison. I found a micro attached to a fence though I spent a few minutes wrongly examining the wrong fence. My necessaries had been completed, but something remained. I was doing well on time and, well, when you’re in Pecos of all places there’s actually one place that you need to get a cache. This place had a slightly more famous resident…

…the one and only Judge Roy Bean. They were nice enough to put an entire museum here.

There’s other things I would have liked to have photographed, but they were involved in the cache. I don’t usually fiddle unknown caches on these trips, but it seemed simple enough. That said, it took a lot longer to find than expected, primarily because the description said it was magnetic and it wasn’t any longer. It took me at least half an hour which is valuable time when I’m out here. But eventually I found it and did what needed to be done. Well, I WAS running ahead of schedule, but no longer. Was it worth it? I wouldn’t figure that out into I got going further on. So I got back in the car and headed on my way to…

3 thoughts on “94. Pecos, Reeves County

  1. Actually, Judge Bean never lived in Reeves County. You have to visit the south end of the Pecos River at the Rio Grande to see his home, and the actual Jersey Lilly Saloon. There is a Virtual cache at the real Jersey Lilly Saloon.


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