93. Monahans, Ward County

So, not the greatest photo I’ve ever gotten. These places and their trees all obscuring my shots. Of course, it wasn’t always like this…

At some point it looked like this. Seems a little desolate so I guess the trees are a bit of an improvement. I got this while I popped inside to hit the bathroom. I wish I could have gotten a better shot without so much reflection. Partially it’s because I don’t like images of myself, partially because my head looks like part of the building’s architecture. I’m starting to wonder if maybe I should watch a few videos on how to get better photos but that’s a thought for a different time. Besides, I had something to do. There was a reverse Whereigo at the courthouse, which would have been interesting, especially since I’ve never done a Whereigo before. But I also didn’t think I had the time for something like that. So I went to the town cemetery.

Some things never change. Cemeteries are open and peaceful, quiet and awaiting us with open arms no matter what metabolic state we arrive in. It was obviously a micro in a tree. Of course, what else do you find in trees?

Birds! Cute cache. Grabbed and signed. I ended up having to do a little minor maintenance to get it back in the tree, but it was a good little laugh. Then I got going through the sprinklers bound for my next destination…

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