92. Crane, Crane County

Another courthouse that looks like a high school. I ended up running around a couple of blocks to get here but I made it. Quick little walk around revealed relatively bland surroundings. One monument and that’s it. The local school was right behind as was the sheriff’s department. Down the block, however…

…there was FREEDOM. This little square is like the most American thing ever that doesn’t involve stealing indigenous peoples’ land. But again, there was business to attend to.

The easiest cache to grab was the town cemetery. So to the town cemetery I went. A small in a tree shading some veteran graves. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy (as they say in the parlance of our times). Up through now, the caches have been mostly mundane (well, alright, the Toy Box was alright). That began to change a little once I got to…

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