91. Rankin, Upton County

A little more 60’s than I think I like, but there’s a certain charm to it. Looking like at this, it almost looks like it could be a postcard. That’s not a testament to my photography skills. It’s more about the location than anything. Location is everything, especially with this hobby. Am I wrong?

And, of course, the history of this location is the most important thing to remind people of…

But there was a view. Again, location… This cache was sitting on a hilltop overlooking town about 1000 feet from the courthouse. A URP just off a parking lot. Found, grabbed, signed. Got a little poke from some cactus for my trouble. Another bit of small town Texas, unremarkable in its normality.

And yet they are all their own in their own way. I rolled out again and hit the next small Texas town…

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