90. Big Lake, Reagan County

I rolled into town and got to the job. Photography was done. The place was open so I had a moment in the bathroom. I wouldn’t have to pee on the county this time. Of course, the requisite pink granite reminder of the Confederacy was there to greet me, though I also found a cool little momento of the 9th Cavalry…

But that wasn’t the monument that caught my eye…

The Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs) don’t get enough press, possibly because women’s contributions to war in general and WW2 specifically don’t get a lot of press. Same way the Red Ball Express isn’t as well known as it should be, possibly because black contributions don’t get a lot of press. I like to think I bring a certain perspective to things. And that perspective also reminds me that other people from different groups have struggles, too. Sometimes the same struggles as I do, sometimes completely different struggles, but struggles nonetheless. But I digress…

As fate would have it, the cache was devoted to Florence Miller Watson. This is her monument out at the airport. Good place to put one. It was grabbed and then I started going again, quickly arriving in…

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