5. Burnet, Burnet County


The Burnet County courthouse was built during the WPA period from the same pink granite that the State Capitol was constructed from.

Normally I’d take this opportunity to talk more about the building and look at its monuments (and its probable Confederate monument [there IS one dedicated to a Confederate general {thank you, Internet}]), but about three minutes later, the heavens made booming noises and water fell from the skies.  I was told stories about this “sky water” in my youth by the old folks who remembered the olden times.  The result was my thorough drenching.

Which was just in time for a DNF.  It was out front of a convenience chain, and the last person to claim it was caught by the manager, who expressed her intention to remove it so random people wouldn’t be in her parking lot.  I guess the manager won that one.


I managed to hit a nearby LPC, a few other in town caches, and then I hit the town cemetery.  Oddly enough, I did my first multi (how had I not done one up to this point?) which was pretty simple.  There were two more multis in there and another micro in a tree, but at that time of day I was tired and surly and ready to be done with it.  I noticed there was a cemetery on the Texas Spirit Quest a couple miles outside of town so I decided to hit it before heading home.  Turns out that the original bison was somehow dislodged from its original location so somebody was nice enough to put it back together in a different container in basically the same place.  So I left some new logs for the future.


I didn’t have much left in me at this point.  It wasn’t murderously hot or anything, but it was hot enough to have a draining effect over the course of the day.  I also wonder if I should maybe try to start doing this with someone.  Having company would probably keep my spirits up and give another set of eyes to find things.  On the other hand, getting someone I know to do it is a whole different thing which I think I’ll talk about in another post.


So I headed home.  Ten hours, sixteen caches, two new counties.  Sure, those are rookie numbers, but it was a good day out.  I look forward to doing it again soon.  I’d love to do it this coming weekend but I think Real Life is going to prevent that (thanks a lot, Real life!) but I might be able to do it the next weekend.  That said, hope springs eternal.  Who knows what could develop this weekend…?

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