57. Beeville, Bee County

Not the most imaginative name, but that’s alright. Beeville is a bit bigger than anything else in the area so it was the right place to spend the night. Nice little motel, a few entries knocked out, some pathing research and dinner, then to bed at a reasonable hour. I considered going out to enjoy the nightlife of town (it is a college town after all), but I opted to enjoy the comforts of a pillow.

I set out early in the morning for the first cache of the day. I’m not the biggest advocate for WallyWorld here, but it was a quick lamppost and it was close. I then headed over to the courthouse to get some sunrise photos. So, Karnes City, you have an artillery piece? Beeville will see your arty and raise you…

I did not see this coming… But you know what I did see coming? The white truck that pulled up by where I was taking pictures. It parked right by me and just sat there while I took a few photos…at 645AM…on Sunday morning…on a deserted courthouse square. Hmmm…

Anyway, I got on the road. I had ten more counties to visit. Pedal down, I soon arrived in…

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