58. Goliad, Goliad County

Goliad is famous for two things: a famous massacre during the Texas Revolution and the hanging tree on its courthouse square. It also has a town square right out of the Texas Town Starter Kit.

This isn’t the first town square tableau I’ve seen and it won’t be the last, but something struck me as earnest about this one. But I had work to do. Umbrella up to defend against the rain, I took a look around for the one that’s supposed to be near the hanging tree. Didn’t spend much time on it, though. It’s been a DNF for a while and, from the hints, it’s pretty obvious it’s gone. So I rolled over to a cemetery over by the town learning center. I realized something that hadn’t occurred to me before… Is it my imagination or are there a lot of schools built near cemeteries? I could easily think of ten or more cemeteries I’ve seen in small towns within two blocks of a school. I took a few minutes to look for it, but on second look I realize it had been a DNF for a bit also. Rookie mistake, I guess, not checking the logs. I started heading out of town to a different cache.

A lovely little cemetery, mostly Hispanic, in the middle of a neighborhood. The cache was a bison inside a hole in a post. The proverbial easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Again, time was ticking. I spent a bit more time here than I planned and daylight is valuable. Back on the road, I barreled down the road to…

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