When you’re reading this, I will be preparing for a trip down south to Corpus Christi. I know I’ve announced this particular one a while back and it didn’t happen, but I’m setting out tomorrow morning for a one day trip down and back. I’m looking forward to it but I’m also realizing that I’m running out of one day trips. This is annoying because, well, (don’t tell anybody I told you this) I have a life outside geocaching. It’s easy to take a day and get out to places. I realize that I’ve hamstrung myself on the Project with my decision to visit courthouses (that’s 20-30 minutes per county and time usually lost driving to the center instead of skirting the edges) and my preference to not night cache on the road (for previously mentioned reasons), but I can always get up early, be at a starting point at sunrise, get some miles in, and go home. A two-day, on the other hand, requires much more serious logistics. They require making arrangements for kids and places to sleep and all those other annoying details one has to take care of.

All that said, I’m taking a trip and, barring weirdness, Friday’s entry will be County #44, scenic Goliad, home of the massacre, and we’ll go from there.

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