You Should Know This About The Doctor…

The Doctor lies.

Well, sort of… It wasn’t exactly a lie. It was more a strategic change of plan. To sum up, I was renting a car for this trip. For other reasons, I also had to rent a car for Saturday. I asked the rental company how much it would be to just keep it for three days instead of picking it up on two individual days and it turned out to be cheaper than expected (my traditional rental company [the one named after a starship] is on my naughty list right now). I was planning a one-day and then I started thinking about doing two one-days and then it hit me that I was just talking about how I was running out of one-days and had a bunch of two-days planned. So I started planning to go much farther south than I originally was going to, possibly all the way to Brownsville and the surrounding areas.

Problem is I heard from the news that there was a planned Presidential visit to McAllen. Which means that all cops, sheriffs, Secret Service and all manner of law enforcement was going to be out in force all over the area. So that’s a hard NOPE from me.

In the midst of my tears and cursing of my bad luck (metaphorically speaking), I decided to just shift my direction. That means that I was nowhere near Goliad like I said I would be. I got up super early (for some of you super late) and hit the road. Somehow I managed to get breakfast (some places don’t get that when the sign says “Open at 5AM” they should be ready to take orders at 5AM) and a ticket for going 70 in a 60 (that was a 70 the last time I was there) before I found myself in…

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