Every Day Is A…

…constant attempt to avoid Sheryl Crow lyrics, especially here, where the the Austin sound (a peculiar mix of blues, country, and rock [along with serious punk, indie, metal, and hip-hop scenes {again, I cannot resist nested parentheticals}]) looms so dominantly over everything. But that’s really beside the point. The actual point is that caches need to be found! The above cache is actually a sister to the duck head and maybe there’s another in the series nearby. But I guess that’s really beside the point, too. What is the point? To remind you about the most important thing to know about the Doctor

With so much of my planned travel out the window, I find the itch is coming on again. Oklahoma is on hold. New Mexico is in the pipe. But in two weeks, barring weirdness or calamity, I will begin Louisiana. I’ve been a bit reticent to say this openly, seeing as every trip I’ve planned thus far has been cancelled or altered. All the Seattle stuff has been put off until next year. Kansas is tentatively rescheduled to September. I can’t quite bring myself to fly anywhere yet so some places I would love to cache in the interim like DC or NYC or Denver are going to have to wait. But Louisiana? I can start that. With luck, I will return on Memorial Day with 37 countiesparishes under my belt. As for the near future, I may see New Mexico before I finish Louisiana. If it’s safer in a few months, I may fly to Phoenix and do Arizona. And I guess Arkansas is in play, too.

I’m getting more masks. I’m loading up on hand sanitizer. Looks like it’s time to get the big show back on the air! Well, if the murder hornets don’t try to get us, too…

One thought on “Every Day Is A…

  1. We are supposed to cruise out of New Orleans in January for my 55th birthday. I intend to do a lot of caching in the City. Good luck with your trip! I know all of my plans this year went out the window.


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