It’s Getting Harder

More than a few bloggers, vloggers, and podcasters have noted that, with all the travel restrictions and state lockdowns, it’s gotten harder to travel and, by extension, generate content. To some extent, it’s to be expected. We can only really go so far in the name of “exercise.” I myself have talked a little about feeling house bound when I want to go far away and do the thing, especially with the plans I’ve made. Well, soon that will technically no longer be an issue. Texas is easing up on all the pandemic stuff. Soon enough, I will have carte blanche to travel. Except I won’t because I honestly believe that it’s far too early for this sort of thing. Locked down and working from home I will stay for at least the next month minimum. But, there’s the thing… I am a weak man. I know I’m probably going to break. I already have a minor life complication that is about to necessitate travel no matter the pandemic status unless it’s decided to legally shut down all travel for any reason. But, even without that, the need is bubbling in me like you can’t believe. You can’t believe how much time I spend looking at maps and routes and ads for car rentals. Actually, now that I think about it, you all are about the only people who can believe how much I’m looking at them. Do I fly to Boston and take a bite out of the northeast? Or Phoenix and spend a weekend doing Arizona? I was going to start western Oklahoma on the way to Mingo, but who says I have to wait that long?

But let’s come back to reality here… I’m not flying anywhere right now. If I was to go somewhere, I would be driving. At least in the bubble of a car I could make sure I’m distanced from other people. And I might be able to take a long weekend so three days maybe? So it would be somewhere that’s close enough to be able to start the first morning in the first location, and then plan to be back home the evening of the final day. That only leaves a few realistic possibilities, all in bordering states.

Let’s get back to further reality… I’m not going anywhere any time soon. So why am I torturing myself this way? Well, what else should I do but keep going and think of tomorrow? Caching got me through some rough times and caching (and reasonable preventative health measures) are going to get me through this, too!

2 thoughts on “It’s Getting Harder

  1. Oh, I believe it. Usually this is my busy season with vacation rentals and everything is absolutely dead. I could take this time and drive so many places, but I can’t. I want to get the cache near the site where Buddy Holly died and could swing out to Mingo on the same trip. That’s the one I really want. But here I am….


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