Journey To The West (Children’s Edition)

Saturday my daughters said they wanted to drive west. So we drove west. Of course, I needed to get a cache, not only because of streak (which I will get back to in a minute), but because of Big Blue Switch Day. And after driving for a while, I decided to make a thing of it. There’s a cache that I long ago attempted, but failed to get because I didn’t make the appropriate connection solving-wise and it was raining hardcore. Well, it wasn’t raining and it was west so we went to Hye, Texas.

This time we got it! And the Big Blue Switch showed up amongst my souvenirs. But from there? Well, the morning was still early-ish, so I asked them what they wanted to do and got an unexpected answer… “Peaches!” I heard from the back seat. Well, there is a town famous for its peaches a little farther down the road west of Hye, Texas. So we drove a little further down the road and back to the scene of the…well, not crime, but somewhere else I’ve previously been.

Back to Fredericksburg. The downside was that all the farms and restaurants that would normally sell peaches were closed, most likely because of the age of cholera. That said, some of the state quarantine rules were lifted on Friday so there were more places open than you might think and people were going into them since the clampdown is lifting a bit. But the courthouse square was nice and open. So we ran around a bit. There’s a virtual there and the girls helped me find some waypoints for solving it. We ran around, looking at statues and monuments until we found all the appropriate things and then I claimed it. But at this point, it was time for some lunch. We drove through somewhere for food and then started heading back east towards home. But, you know, there was one more I wanted to snag…

There’s a big, shiny bull sculpture at the entrance of a subdivision near Hye and I knew that there was a cache there. The girls had seen it and thought it was interesting so what a great time to get it.

It was found, signed, and returned. And good times were had by all. But, of course, good times must end. We headed back to home with a few finds and a bunch of laughs and the question of where to go next weekend. The general consensus is south so maybe I’ll think about where that means, but in the meantime let’s talk about streaks for a moment…

Remember when I was talking about Project-GC and it not noting my streak length? Well, I fixed one timing thing, but ran into another thing because it’s only noting 606 of now 687 days. I looked at the numbers and figured it out. On day 607, I logged an Adventure Lab as my cache of the day. So the thing doesn’t count labs in streaks! Interesting to know!

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