44. Sonora, Sutton County

I’ve actually been to Sonora a number of times. It’s been one of the waypoints on my trips to Marfa (specifically Fredericksburg, Sonora, Fort Stockton), a great place to stop for gas or food at the halfway point. It’s also amazingly small with little seemingly to its credit other than the fact that it’s sitting right next to one of the state’s most important thoroughfares.

Of course, Sutton County is named for a Confederate general. Note also that the State had this erected in 1963. Funny that the State would choose that year to memorialize the Lost Cause. But that’s besides the point. I came here for a cache and, gosh darn it, I’m going to get one. Of course, low population counties rarely have much in the way of caches. But there’s one place where you can almost be guaranteed to find one no matter where you go…

Someone was kind enough to hide one in a tree here at the cemetery. Nothing extraordinary or special, but it’s there for the finding. Of course, life is to be found here, too.

For them, it was more than a town with a thoroughfare. Sonora was family. It was labor and rest, delight and burden. It was home. It was extraordinary. I just can’t see what they saw. But at least they get to rest with the people who loved them. But enough philosophy. I drove early and hard to get here around sunrise. I need to use that time. I got in the car and headed off for…

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