7. Johnson City, Blanco County


So, here’s something I’ve noticed…  Courthouses here seem to fall into two basic categories: older courthouses and WPA built courthouses.  I’ve also noticed that it’s older courthouses (thus far) that tend to have Confederate memorials and WPA courthouses don’t.  In this case, it’s of note because this is the first older courthouse that doesn’t have one.  That doesn’t entirely surprise me considering this is the county that gave us the one and only LBJ.


On the other hand, if I were more cynical, I might think this is also a good way to handle this on the cheap.  Who needs five monuments which occasionally need updated when you can get away with one that never needs to be changed?  Bravo!  Something something fiscal responsibility something something.

Unfortunately, since I was on a time crunch, I had very little time to spend here, which is sad because there’s a park across the highway from here (about 3 blocks away) that has a few ammo cans maintained by the park staff and I would have liked those smileys, but time waits for no man (who is rushing to pick up children).


So I hit a cemetery nearby.  The cache itself was nothing to write home about, but it was a nice, quiet little side jaunt.  That, and some of the graves were a little more heartfelt and earnest than others.

But, again, time waits for no man.  So I shot off and headed back into town.  To be fair, Johnson City doesn’t have that many caches (nine total).  I could do the entire town in a few hours.  I really, really wish I had had time to get that to that giant silver bull, but I guess I’ll be back at some point on the way to Sonora or Fort Stockton

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