501. Johnson City, Stanton County (KS023)

Hey! We’ve got one of these back home! Oddly enough, it’s interesting how similar they are: sleepy towns with nice courthouses, but ultimately not all that impressive. At least the one back home has a president to its fame. Heck, he was the last Democrat the county voted for…

The cache ended up taking me to the local museum. I would say “a local museum,” but Stanton County is terribly low population and I doubt it could support a second one. It surprisingly took me a minute to figure this one out. I just couldn’t figure out which door I needed to open. Consequently, I probably opened a few doors I shouldn’t have, storage buildings that I had no business being in. I am the reason we can’t have nice things. I got the right door, though. I did the necessary and then returned it. Even dropped a trackable, too. There wasn’t much to stay for so I didn’t. I began to head northerly. I had a map aberration to repair in…

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