42. Junction, Kimble County

I’m a little surprised to have been in Junction of all places.  I’ve been through here several times on the way to Marfa and West Texas, but I’ve never stopped here (I usually stop in Sonora to gas up).  Basically, Junction is two halves: one attracting the dollars flying down I-10 and the old town itself.  I will say this, though…

…it is picturesque as all get out.  

So I went to nearby cache at a trailer park, just at the edge of town, just beyond the barbed wire fence.  While I was looking, one of the residents, walking his dog, yelled out to me “Geocaching?”  Of course I said yes because I didn’t want to mess with one of the residents.  Apparently people in the park have seen people searching for the cache for years, but he hadn’t ever seen the cache himself.  It was hidden in a tree across from a tombstone in the middle of the driveway into the park. And this is where I failed you.  Because I didn’t take a photo.  I mean, seriously, a tombstone in the middle of a trailer park?  Barbed wire and fallen trees?  That would have been a shot.  But it wasn’t foremost on my mind.  I was thinking that delays along the entire trip had seriously added up.  I was about 1:45 from my next destination for the day, and about 1:30 from sunset.  Hurry I needed to do and hurry I did to…

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