507. Norton, Norton County (KS029)

This, my readers, is what I think people are talking about when they extol the virtues of small towns in middle America. A traditional and handsome courthouse, sitting in the middle of an idyllic town square. It, like the square, is a little weathered and aged, but has new additions for the ongoing lives of the citizenry. Down the street there is a house with many gables on it and across the street is the local theater that has been there since time immemorial (or at least since the 20’s). At the same time, I couldn’t see some of the simple staples of living such as a gas station or a grocery store or a laundromat. Things that seem like they would be integral to the continued life of a community, but were obscured from view. This is far from the first time I’ve noticed this in various towns, sometimes resulting from the realities of transport and commerce, others in keeping with a preferred aesthetic. Which it was there in Norton I don’t know. If it was the former, I would have seen things along the major roads into town, so I suspect it was the latter. In reality, however, it may not have been either. In the end, I found gas and food, though not so much a laundromat (which I didn’t even need, but whatever), and continued to my ultimate goal.

The cache was incredibly simple, a bison attached to a wire attached to a sign. Unfortunately, GZ was on the other side of the building so I spent quite a while looking for it exactly where it wasn’t. It’s difficult to find a black cat in a dark room, especially when there is no cat. Luckily though, the logs contained a few photographs of happy finders posing near their find. Once I realized their GZ looked absolutely nothing like mine, I spread out to the other side, into the alley that had been mentioned but I most assuredly was not in. And once I was in the right place? Success! It’s so much easier when you’re on the right side of the building, no? I did the necessary and, once replaced, got to rolling again, intending to make it to…

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