45. Eldorado, Schleicher County

This one was actually an audible. It occurred to me that at some point I was going to have to hit San Angelo and it would probably be much easier to hit and run if I secured my flank or some kind of military metaphor like that. If I did this county, I would be able to fly past it later. And it was really close to where I already was, so why not? So on to the important questions… Military memorial?

Check. County named after a Confederate general?

Check. And remembered by the State in 1963… Do you pronounce it “Sly-sher” or “Schly-ker”? Or something else I am not seeing/hearing in my head? No matter how you pronounce it, this one was really short. There’s a cache on the courthouse grounds (kind of you, CO) so I snagged it and then flew off to…

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