46. Ozona, Crockett County

Who’s this county named for? What do John Wayne and Billy Bob Thornton have in common?

This guy. I’m not going to say David here is the best thing to come out of Tennessee, but I’ll allow him on the short list along with Beale Street and Sun Records. Whether you believe he killed him a bear when he was only three (I doubt this) or you believe he was a coward at the Alamo (the Mexican Army might be biased), nobody will question that he deserves to have a county named after him.

Of course, since the county was not named after a Confederate general, the State took this opportunity to remind us of the importance of Fort Lancaster to the Confederate military logistics. Goody gumdrops…

This cache was virtual, located at the previously pictured statue of Mr. Crockett. Ironically, it involves details about a different display on the grounds not pictured at all. Ozona was quick and easy, and once messages were sent I hit the road for…

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