227. Throckmorton, Throckmorton County

This is an old school courthouse without a lot of defining characteristics.  It looks like a Ruffini courthouse like Sonora and Ozona and Paint Rock (is this the first time I’ve mentioned Paint Rock without making a jab at its size?), but it’s not his work.  I don’t know how much of an influence he was on it, but, without knowing much about the history of Texas courthouse architecture, I hold that he was!

I grabbed the cache on the way into town.  I forgot to photograph it, though.  It was placed by Boy Scouts as part of a series based on the twelve points of the Boy Scout Law.  I will run across another of these in a different county, but we haven’t gotten there yet.  The owner of this cache has moved out of the state, though and can’t maintain this cache anymore and nobody seems to have stepped up to take cate of it.  That’s a bit sad because, for the most part, the cache in is great shape other than a cracked but relatively easily replaceable lid.  All it needs is a little TLC and this cache could last for 5 or 10 more years.  Unfortunately, I don’t carry duck tape with my standard traveling load so I couldn’t make the needed repairs myself.  I try to be a good cacher and replenish logs and things like that (despite my feelings about zombie caches) but there’s only so much I can do in these cases.  All I could do was log and claim and keep on going. 

This was the original ending point of my first of two days, but I still had some sunlight left.  I made some quick calculations and decided that I should try to get to the next destination.  If I didn’t make it in time, I could start there fresh in the morning, but if I did, I might get another county tonight and be that much further along.  I got to flying down the road the best I could, eventually landing in…

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