226. Seymour, Baylor County

Well, this one was a little disappointing.  I mistook it for the town library at first.  It doesn’t help that the town library is part of it. 

That said, I appreciate that the library has a decent sized game collection, but they could definitely do with some newer games like Takenoko or Ticket To Ride.  Machi Koro would be a great simple game to introduce kids in and keep adults entertained.  Onitama would be a great way to, oddly enough, encourage chess.  But I guess that’s outside the scope of my visit. 

The cache was a simple pipe hanger at a barbeque place.  You’re lucky to have this shot, though.  I decided to take a few minutes to grab a late lunch/early dinner and remembered that I forgot to take it so I grabbed it on the way out of town on the way to…

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