225. Vernon, Wilbarger County

So I’ve been trying to avoid all this holiday stuff in photos when I could but there’s so much chintzy stuff here on the grounds that I didn’t even try.  On the other hand, the war memorial here contains the greatest thing I’ve seen on any memorial anywhere.

See that under Desert Storm?  All Returned.  Never seen its like before and probably never will again, but that’s really nice to see. 

My first attempt at a cache was a no-go.  It was an electrical plate with the magnets broken off and all the hidden stuff gone.  Definitely flagged that one for maintenance.  Second attempt was at the birth place of one Messer. R.K. Orbison, a local of some repute.  That one turned out to be missing.  So I went and grabbed one at a Pizza Hut named, aptly enough, The Hut It Is!  I did a little math in my head.  With my unintentionally early start and making good time, I was running a little ahead of the game.  I had an ambitious route chosen for today based on the short amount of day light, but I was not only looking at finishing it, with some luck I would have time to maybe hit my first one planned for tomorrow.  I was off down the road again for a slightly longer drive to get to…

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