192. Brownsville, Cameron County

White building adequately lit as to allow the reading of a building name? OK! I guess that qualifies, too! At this rate, I might make it all the way back to Austin tonight! So I took a walk around the building. This time it was a little painful though. All the sitting and driving, even with the multiple stops, may have inflamed my heel. More information than you ever wanted about me, but I have a mild case of tendinitis in one heel. Most days it doesn’t bug me, but it started dropping in on me earlier today for a few minutes while I was illegally entering the United States, and then intermittently through out the day for a few minutes at a time. Now, it was making its presence felt. Man, would I have loved some frozen peas. But that’s not what I really wanted to talk about here…

At some point, I would love to take a class on photography in general and cell phone photography in particular. I find it strange and interesting how the camera likes to treat darkness, why it chooses flashes and why it doesn’t, stuff like that. I took a good handful of photos around the building and it was sometimes baffling to me why one photo would come out so badly but another would look so good. Having never been interested in photography especially, I never thought of cared to learn much obout it outside of the general field of light and optics. Thought for the future, but sometimes I’m a total gadfly about shower thoughts like this. And following up on it? Are you kidding? I have caches to find!

Speaking of, the cache was behind this medical office near this odd trail running along the frontage road of the highway. It’s like a park trail, but like I said, highway. Maybe it’s supposed to be the sidewalk, but it’s not… Confusing and I’m not sure what they were trying to get at here, but there’s a, well… You can see for your self. Anyway, I signed it and returned it. I would have liked to have been here in daylight since Fort Brown is of some interest to me, both because of the Mexican War and the Brownsville Raid. Maybe I’ll come back for that sometime, but since I was right by the highway I needed to take out of town, I decided to keep on going. Soon enough I would rest and meet the dawn in…

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