579. Hahnville, St. Charles Parish (LA58)

The courthouse reminded me quite a bit of Cameron County back in Texas.  White, relatively non-descript, possibly from the 80’s…  It’s a perfectly cromulent building for a perfectly cromulent town.  It’s not really impressive, but it does the job.  Well, at least I wasn’t impressed. 

The cache was a large jar in a planter at a private residence.  I’m usually pretty reticent to do yard caches in general, much less at night in the middle of a state I’m not even from.  However, the cache page was very promising that it would be safe and very welcoming of people coming to claim it.  It also wasn’t too late.  So I decided to throw caution to the wind and it turned out alright.  I did my business and got moving.  I considered leaving a trackable, but I was ready for bed.  I usually burn hard my first day in a roadtrip, but I wasn’t feeling that this trip.  No car sleeping, no 24-hour county chase.  This trip was going to be a little slower and softer than usual.  That’s why I stopped in La Place and got a hotel room, uncharacteristically for two nights.  If I’m going to get a hotel, I tend to only do it for a night at a time because I don’t usually know where I would be after another day’s travel or two.  In this case, I knew I would be back in this area at the end of the next day, so why not?  Besides, a nice warm shower on the road is always welcome.  That meant that I was clean and well rested when I got going the next morning before sunrise, bound to reach…

3 thoughts on “579. Hahnville, St. Charles Parish (LA58)

  1. I found that exact same cache for my Saint Charles find. Late at night driving back from New Orleans. Easy to get to and a cute little neighborhood.


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