578. Edgard, Saint John the Baptist Parish (LA57)

As you can imagine, my separation of church and state hackles went through the roof the second I saw the statue carrying a cross out front.  Of course, since the place is named for a pretty well known biblical figure, what could I expect?  That said, I was also struck by the theological incongruity of it: why would John the Baptist, killed before Yesha ben Miriam, be carrying a cross, symbol of a death not his own?  I get that it’s to mark his association with the religion that symbol is associated, but there are a lot of biblical figures who are not portrayed in art or statuary with the symbol so prominently displayed.  Since I keep neither an art historian nor a seminarian (I assume an actual cleric is too busy to answer my infrequent and highly specific questions) on staff for such inquiries, I decided to let it go for another time (and by “another time”, I mean let the thought trail off because I don’t really care to know that badly anyway).  The courthouse wasn’t bad at all.  The bright white of it made it stand out in the low light, and it reminded me of Nacogdoches in a generalized way. 

I ended up getting my cache at a local regional airport.  It was an executive airport, obviously not one for the use of the “poors” such as myself.  With all the refineries in the area, one right across from the entrance road to the airport itself, it only makes sense to have somewhere for the oil executives to get quickly into and out of the county, somewhere close to the assets themselves.  It was nothing special, a keybox on some electrical equipment, but then again, as I have said so many times in the past, a cache is a cache is a cache.  Once it had been found, signed, and returned to its resting place, I decided to grab one more before bedding down for the night.  Heading for my hotel, I made one more stop for the evening in…

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