580. Gretna, Jefferson Parish (LA59)

Ugh…  Gretna doesn’t seem to have a central courthouse.  The Parish Clerk and Parish President (yes, this parish has a President instead of a Police Jury [and, for those of you who didn’t know this, most parishes have Police Juries instead of judges or commissioners]) work out of this building, utterly uninspired, indistinguishable from any other generic tall 80’s office building.  It makes me sad.  So, so sad…  What also makes me sad is that all the roads leading to it are built like highways and major thoroughfares with the with the slowest freaking speed limits in Christendom!

The cache was another front yard cache like in Hahnville, but in this case the property owner was kind enough to mount it to a tree at the edge of the property so you didn’t have to get off the street to get it.  It’s an old mailbox that serves as a travel bug hotel, and is the most favorited cache in the parish.  Two little lizards also seemed to call it home, but that was neither here nor there.  When the find was made, I also unknowingly accomplished a minor feat.  I’d already gotten some exceptionally high caches.  This one turned out to be my first one at or below sea level.  OK, it was at sea level, but considering that I somehow hadn’t managed to accomplish this on the coasts of Texas, I was more than happy to take it.  One day I’ll make it to Death Valley or the Dead Sea, but not on this trip. With that, I was done with this parish.  Part of the reason that I had opted to rest the night before instead of going on through the night was because my next destination would not be easily reachable at night.  I turned myself south, down towards the tip of the state, intent on reaching…

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