So… Lessons?

And now is the time to ask the eternal question again: what have we learned, Charlie Brown?

First, and I never thought I would ever have to think about this, but CHECK YOUR BOUNDARIES!!! I’m still a little salty about San Diego. I get that I should have checked ahead of time. I knew how close the town is to the border. I should have thought to check but the county seat is usually at or near the center of a county so it never really occurred to me. Sure, it’s only going to mean a couple hours out of my caching day when I finally head down to Brownsville, but that could be another county or extra time in Matamoros.

Second, CHECK YOUR LISTS!!! Forgetting to have a list for Tilden was a minor complication that, had my luck not held, might have slowed me down significantly.

The third is less a lesson and more an observation. Look back over all the entries. On this entire trip through 13 counties, I did not see a single monument or even reference to the Confederacy or Texas’ (or individual counties’) participation within it. Consider me impressed. It’s nice to not to have to care about it for a while.

You know what? This is a short lesson wrap-up this time. Most everything went right. Happily right even. Of course, I have other things on the horizon… Both Del Rio and Brownsville are one-days at this point. In April I may be taking a three-day into the Permian Basin or possibly into the Panhandle. And then, of course, there’s the Texas Challenge in Seguin and probably a one-day on the Sunday after. Fancy plans and pants to match indeed…

There will not be a regular entry tomorrow (Friday) but Monday will continue as normal. In the meantime, you’ve got smileys to go get!

3 thoughts on “So… Lessons?

    1. Teresa, you must tell me more about Texas Geocampers at Challenge. I want to knock the Panhandle out of the way for TCC!


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