I Need More Sodium and Chlorine

Because I’m extra salty today!

Remember I said there wasn’t going to be an entry today? Well, apparently I lied! Why? Because I’m mad, that’s why! So a couple of days ago, I had one of my finds logged and the finder said that he didn’t sign it because it didn’t have a log in it. How could that be?, I thought.  It hasn’t been out that long and it‘s a simple cap-n-cap. I thought about it for a minute and realized that the finder might not have actually found it, but just said he did. I was not particularly enthusiastic about that idea but remembered that the cache is a ten minute walk from home and it would be easy enough to verify.

Later in the day, I went to get my cache of the day, a 1.5/1.5 near my job. See that photo up there? That’s it. Over the last year the few finders said that it was in bad shape and needed a log. I’m a little surprised I even found it. It obviously used to be a little hand fan but it’s in pieces now, indistinguishable from all the trash strewn around the site. The 1.5 terrain is correct IF you park in the parking lot of an apartment complex. If you come in from the other direction, it’s more of a 2 or 2.5 maybe. The entire thing is obviously unmaintained and terrible. I was not happy. I ended up recommending it be archived. This was the perfect example of the worst king of cache. It has prima facie problems to begin with. But with the state it had deteriorated to? NOPE.

So I headed home and swung by my cache. And I found…

So half of the container was stuck in (the wrong) place, which is amazing since the magnets in it were missing. It obviously betrays a design flaw in my first generation of these… So the finder wasn’t lying. Then I got angry again. Someone did this. They either dropped the container or broke it somehow and said nothing. Or saw it this way and said nothing. A simple maintenance note would suffice. Say something, folks! GAAAAAAH!

I’ve been pissed about this all evening. Talk about a disappointing day. But I also realize something. I don’t think I can consider myself a new cacher anymore. There’s more than just wonder and such. I have opinions and am emotionally invested. I’ve got a few achievements beyond the ken of a casual or a newbie. Yeah… I think it’s official now.

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