Archive! Archive!! Archive!!!

How many times have I (or you for that matter) come across a cache that has tons of DNF logs, but nobody has even put in a maintenance on it? Or is obviously gone, but the owner hasn’t found a cache in years? OR the cache is so messed up that it obviously needs to go away? Is it just me, or do people not want to report bad caches like this? I’m sure some people have no qualms about it, but I think a lot of people do. Now I get not wanting to archive the most ancient caches. Some caches have been around so long that they’re part of the community and getting rid of them would be an actual loss. But many other caches can and really need to be cleared away, if for no other reason than to give other players a chance to place new things. Of course, I can stay high-minded about this. But, to be honest, I’m really annoyed by it. I’ve gone for just a few too many caches lately that have needed to be reported or archived or something. It’s a bit problematic as it is to go out and cache right now. When the thing isn’t there, though? I’m getting especially irked about that now. GAAAH!

2 thoughts on “Archive! Archive!! Archive!!!

  1. This is one of the messages I try to share with everyone that will listen. Because of the nature of the internet to include thing like trolls and fame wars, I believe people are scared to get involved. I got over that a long time ago. However I don’t advocate throwing around “Needs Archive” all Willy Nilly.

    When I find a cache in the conditions you have described I like to do a little information gathering. The first thing I do is check the cache owners activity. If they haven’t been active in over a year I note that in my ARCHIVE log. If however they are active, I post a needs maintenance, along with an email to the owner with detailed notes and a photo or two.

    That is how the game is designed. People trying to do the nice thing and maintaining a Zombie cache just keep the trash in the field.

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