Exercise (Sort Of…)

I went for a walk today. There’s a park in Round Rock that has a bunch of caches in it so I decided to take a walk about the park and grab a few of them. If I was going to get out and exercise as the stay at home order allows, I might a well make the most of it. I almost went to a bunch along a road east of town, but decided that a little green might do me some good instead. Even picked up a Whereigo while I was out and about. I’ve never had much luck with them but after consultation with a friend who is both good with them and the CO, I managed to make it work. I now have more Whereigos than Mazes so there’s that.

My travel plans for the year are getting shot into pieces. This just past weekend I was supposed to be in Oklahoma picking up counties. I was planning on picking up more on the way to Mingo in a month, but that’s probably not going to happen. And, of course, Washington may not happen because Seattle is a hotspot for the current troubles and who knows how that’s going to look in August? Man, I’m really longing to get back out there on the road. And, unfortunately, a cute little pig and some other nooks and crannies aren’t going to do the job for me. It’s an itch that I can’t scratch right now without being theoretically dangerous. If it was just myself, you pay your money and you take your chances. But it’s not. So I wait. And if you think this is bad now, I can only imagine how stir crazy I’m going to be in a month. This, on top of the sheltering at home, is going to be rough on me. I can already tell.

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