Guess I Oughta Be “Responsible”…

Yes, caching is still happening. It’s been dampened somewhat, but it’s still happening. Actually, I’m not sure it’s all that dampened. I’ve noticed a small uptick in cache logs for my finds. People out there are, well, getting out there. I’m great at staying at home, but I like to get out of the house a little bit and if I do, other people must, too.

But, yeah, Oklahoma is going to wait. As much as I want to go (and as much as I know I can do it safely), I cannot reasonably and responsibly justify traveling to another state merely for my own edification. I could rationalize it as being for my physical and mental health because it would be activity for days and it would be good for my general well-being. But being Typhoid Atreides is not exactly something I want on my resume. I know a few people who don’t treat the current difficulties with the gravity they deserve and I can’t exactly tell them that they’re doing it wrong if I’m doing it wrong myself. So Oklahoma is going to have to wait. I was hoping to start it on the way to Mingo, but they just announced a couple of days ago that they’re going to reschedule. Pandemics. I just don’t know…

I’m missing out on a huge window of opportunity because of schedules and such. You cannot begin to know how disappointed I am right now. And I don’t know if I’m going to be able to make it up this year. Not unless something big happens. End of June at best… Oof.

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