April Earthcache Day!

So I went traveling and picked up some earthcaches while I was taking a trip!

I started off in Los Angeles and decided to start with the White Point Hydrothermal Vents. It was hard to find some scuba gear on such short notice, but it got done. Scuba diving is really tiring, especially when you have no experience with diving or, really swimming in the ocean. But oh, what a view!

From there, I jumped on a plane to race the sun! And, once I hit the big island, I went for a walk to and up Pu`u Wa`awa`a. Heck of a climb, but, again, what a view!

I passed the International Date Line (technically jumping forward in time, I guess?) on the way to Japan and visited Aogashima Island for a STF! I don’t usually visit active volcanoes, but I knew what I was here for!

From there to the Three Gorges, specifically Wu Gorge. If only I still had this old friend with me… I’d have to consult my maps, but I was quite close to the shared border of the Three Kingdoms. I got a little queasy on the boat, but it was a lovely ride.

Another flight and then I took a walk up the Annapurna Trail. Look at those beautiful falls. The smell of the moisture… The softness of the moss… A sight to behold!

It took months of unsuccessful wrangling with the Iranian Government before I just said “to heck with it” and smuggled myself into the country. Nothing would keep me from finding an earthcache I wanted! Besides, I’d never seen a salt dome before! It was a little rough going, though. Maybe I’ll take a mountaineering class before I try this again!

The sun was getting a bit low and the last cache was a bit rougher than I expected so I decided to take the last one easy and fulfill a dream at the same time. I spent some time researching the history of earthquakes in the Queen of Cities. It was a quick in and out, but there was enough time to check the place out and then get on a red eye back home. I had to go to work in the morning and I think this qualified as a good day caching, no?

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