175. Boston, Bowie County

When I pulled back behind the courthouse, I wondered if this was the place.  It looks like the back of many office buildings so I couldn’t quite be sure.  Then I walked around and saw the columns and the facade.  This is the place.  Also, while the county seat is technically in Boston, the county courthouse is in NEW Boston.  I don’t know how fiddly or technical that distinction is treated, but I got the courthouse and would find a cache so I’m calling it fine for my purposes.

Now THAT’S a knife.  But, of course, the county being named after Jim Bowie of knife fame, that’s to be expected.  But that’s not what this one’s about.  This one, again, is also about maintenance.

I went to a local cemetery (because there’s always one) and saw that the cache had been flagged for maintenance.  Well, I found it.  It was so badly torn up it was trash at this point.  The container was a painted former antifreeze jug and the contents had been strewn about in the bushes and treeline.  The last person didn’t even find the log though I did.  This is the other reason to maintain your caches.  An unmaintained cache turns into trash.  We try to leave these places better than when we found them so letting a cache fall apart just adds to the mess we’re trying to fight.  Of course, I suggested it be archived.  But I did sign the log so I claimed it.  Off I went again.  And this time I found myself in…

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