Oh, Arkansas!

You know what Arkansas looks like?  Arkansas looks like Louisiana if you replace all the water with crops.  Someone was nice enough to put a cache at a rest stop going into Arkansas (or coming into Texas, depending on your point of view [the cache owner named it based on this {I also wonder why I like nested parentheticals so much}]). And as I looked at all the metal picnic tables, I remembered this was a nano. OOF. I also remembered that many parts of these tables such as the seats and tabletops are made of aluminum. I caressed the ferrous parts of them until I found the little bugger and did the needful. It occurred to me that I might have to come back here one day. I’ll finish The Project one day and then what? Maybe I’ll start another state? And if I continue with the format I have been using, I’ll have to come back here to photograph this county’s courthouse and/or the other states I’ve been to. There are 75 counties in Arkansas, 33 in New Mexico, 64 parishes in Louisiana, and 77 in Oklahoma. It has even occurred to me that, if I could take a year to travel, I could cache every county in the 50 States if I average about 8 counties per day. Of course, I can do much more than that in a day, but that average would cover days I was sick or tired or possibly needed to travel to far off places like Alaska or Hawaii. This counts independent cities and the like, but as for the eight territories, well, I’ll have to think about that. I have never before considered looking for outside funding for my endeavors, but this one definitely has me thinking. Would anybody know where I can find a patron to fund a geocaching year?

Oh, well… After a few minutes of lollygagging, I got back to rolling until I was driving on the soil of…

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