An Entire Year Gone By

I simply cannot believe that it has been an entire year since the site began. In that year, I have seen wonders and beauty. And a couple of times I’ve seen something resembling fear, once of my own making, once because of others. And after 1100+ caches, 8600+ miles, 186 counties, 5 states, and another country, among other things, the constant has been joy. The joy of the hunt and the joy of the find. Putting my hands on a long untouched cache, or on one never found before… Communing with the like minded, people who know the same thrill I get… The places in my own city I have never seen though I have lived here most of my life… And the plans I have for the future. Such plans I have.

Raise your glasses, my friends! Year One ends! Here’s to Year Two!

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