174. Linden, Cass County

Another town I was warned about.  Small and quiet on a Saturday morning, I did what needed to be done here and then set off to do what else needed to be done.

As many of you know, “there’s always a cemetery” has become a bit of a mantra for me.  That said, this is about cache maintenance.  I rolled over to the town cemetery because, well, see that last sentence.  I saw that the front cache in the cemetery had gone missing a while back and nothing had been done about it so I went to the other cache deeper in, and, after a good search for a 1.5/1.5, determined it wasn’t there either.  Now, I get that caches go missing.  I even get that sometimes it takes a while to get out to them (mild ribbing to That Guy all in jest).  But to have caches go missing for months at a time and ignore anything said about them?  Thanks a lot!  And that goes for both far flung caches AND local caches because I’ve had a bit of a problem with a local in a much worse way (but that’s a complaint for another time).  So this cemetery was a big waste of time.  I headed back to the car (after a slightly embarrassing moment that thankfully nobody saw) and got rolling farther out to town.  

I ended up finding one in a little wood outside a completely different cemetery.  It hadn’t been gotten in a while and needed a little care, but was still perfectly serviceable.  I signed and got back rolling again, soon reaching…

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